Kashi Samaraweera

A Sydney-based web application developer

Currently living in Kathmandu, Nepal, where I’m applying my professional skills as a ICT Officer in Kirtipur Municipality for 12 months, as part of the Australian Volunteers Program.

Formerly a member of the Digital Product Engineering team at Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and prior to that, the Special Broadcasting Service. Having cut my teeth building bespoke e-learning platforms at full-service healthcare creative agency Ward6 Australia — I help design and build modern, scalable and extensible web application systems for everyday use.

Examples of my work can be found on GitHub or BitBucket. You can keep up with my adventures via Instagram (or attempts to take a decent photo via my alternate Instagram account), my journey as an Australian Volunteer through my co-authored blog, The Unlikely Sherpas; or connect to my professional network via LinkedIn and get in touch via email, kashi@kashis.com.au.