A software engineer specialising in front-end web and system design from Sydney, Australia.

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The Unlikely Sherpas

Previous work

Over the last ten years of my career I've had the chance to hone my skills in a range of industries from healthcare to local, state, and federal government organisations.

I've worked with small agile teams, as well as larger enterprise engineering teams for each of Australia's national public service broadcasters, ABC and SBS, helping to build web applications and publishing services that keep millions of Australians informed.

You can find a detailed list of my work history on LinkedIn, get an idea of my code style and repo housekeeping on GitHub, or simply download my résumé in PDF format below.

LinkedInGitHubRésumé (PDF)
  • ABC iview

    Front-end engineer for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's iview VOD service

    ABC iview
  • SBS News & The Feed

    Front-end development, data layer, and engineering content publishing systems for SBS News and The Feed

    SBS News & The Feed
  • Changing Diabetes

    Architecting an extensible online learning platform for healthcare professionals across Australia

    No longer available
  • Visit Kirtipur

    An open-source Wordpress template and Dockerised stack for hosting tourism websites in Nepal

    Visit Kirtipur


  • My interest in photography flourished over the years together with my love for exploration and nature.

    As I've further enjoyed the privilege of seeing the world, I've adopted the task of sharing the culture and landscapes I've been privy to, leaning more on the art and science of photography as I go along.

    I publish a selection of photos on my alternate Instagram account, @kashis.photo or on Flickr.

    @kashis.photo on InstagramSee my photos on Flickr
  • Tower of Babel

    A wheeled chariot built for the yearly harvest festival in Kathmandu Valley.

  • Alternate Peaks

    The imposing peaks behind the mountain town of Kyangjin Gumba in Nepalese Himalayas.

  • Modality

    A lady sweeps leaves from the pond water as patrons queue to pay their respects.

  • Sunset on the Arno

    A Tuscan sunset captured on the Arno river in Florence in the summertime.

  • Mountain Tram

    A mountside tram traverses in front of the Swiss alps in Lauterbraunnen.



Instagram helps keep my friends and family up to date on my travels, rock-climbing, and other adventures. Follow me @kashisamaraweera.


I’m in the midst of a BA in Philosophy and Linguistics, keeping a blog that tracks the output of my studies. It’s wordy, but available on Medium at En Route.

En Route


Connect with my professional network on LinkedIn, where I keep my résumé as a living document outlining the work I've been involved in.


I’m currently living in Kathmandu, Nepal, volunteering as an ICT Officer in Kirtipur Municipality until March 2019. Read about it at The Unlikely Sherpas.

The Unlikely Sherpas


Follow my progress as a photographer either on my Instagram account, @kashis.photo; or on my Flicker account, kashisau.

@kashis.photo on Instagram


Finally, if you wish to contact me for any other reason, you may send me an email or reach out via phone:


[email protected]


+977 9808 066 903